Simple case studies: Retrieving NFT Ownership data

Simple case studies: Retrieving NFT Ownership data

Here's a very simple example of an idea that can be very easily implemented by any developer using the Verbwire API, without really knowing much about blockchains.

Developer: I want to create an app that displays the top holders of a certain NFT collection.
Useful for:
 1. Airdropping freebies to top holders of NFTs
 2. Tracking meaningful changes in the ownership of certain projects
 3. Doing analytics on your specified NFT collection

With the Verbwire API this can be done with just a simple API call HERE.
All the developer needs to know is the slug (name of the NFT project/collection). Examples of NFT project slugs are: azuki, boredapeyachtclub, proof-moonbirds

Fear not, anyone could actually easily test this interactively on the Verbwire API documentation page. Here's a sample screenshot of the test done with the 'azuki' collection, and on the Verbwire interactive API documentation page.


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