Verbwire API: Drastically shrinking the learning curve

Verbwire API: Drastically shrinking the learning curve

Often times, the challenge with learning a new platform is that dreadful learning curve. Onboarding web2 developers to the web3 world would require tools and platforms that drastically reduce, or in fact completely eliminate that learning curve. Developers' times are more optimally spent innovating and experimenting on their ideas, as opposed to first learning the mechanical intricacies of using the next new platform or technology.

Assuming a developer had just a hundred units of time, they'd rather spend less than five units of time learning the platform or framework to be used, and the remaining ninety five units of time really building out their product. Unfortunately, today's developer probably spends between 30-50 units of time learning a new platform/technology, leaving little time to actually build their product. If you assume a developer tries out two to three frameworks before eventually settling on one then that learning time increases to potentially 80 units of time.

With the Verbwire API the goal is to get developers deploying blockchain apps with really less than one unit (1%) of their time spent on learning the intricacies of blockchain technology. Developers do not need to have any blockchain experience in order to use the Verbwire API. Check out the API docs and interactively experiment with the many endpoints across multiple blockchains.


The Universal NFT API.

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