Introducing Verbwire

Introducing Verbwire

We're excited to share that Verbwire is opening up to public access as of today. You can sign up and get your API keys here.

Deploy in seconds. On any chain. Seamlessly.

What is Verbwire?

Put bluntly, Verbwire is the most powerful NFT API on the market. With a few lines of code you can seamlessly deploy and manage NFTs across multiple chains simultaneously. We are also the first API platform that supports a seamless transfer of NFTs across blockchains via Omnichain smart contracts. This is all behind an easy REST interface, meaning anyone can leverage NFTs in their projects without any knowledge of solidity or the inner workings of smart contracts or blockchains.

We began this journey of crafting the world's best NFT API a few months ago and I think what we've produced with an incredibly small team is no small feat. I've always been of the opinion that some of the best companies are built in bear markets. My co-founder and I are builders at heart and we're dedicated to producing the best possible suite of tools and products for our customers.

The future for Web3 and NFTs specifically is incredibly bright. That said, there is still a huge gap to surmount for existing developers entering the space. The tools that Verbwire provides reduces time to market from months to minutes. We see the long term potential for Web3 and we want to provide the necessary tools for our customers to focus on what matters most: Building.

The future is Omnichain

We're built from the ground up with cutting edge technology that enables cross-chain sends of NFTs. Right out of the gate we support 14 chains (7 live chains including Ethereum and 7 testnets). We always have flexibility in mind and thus support gas optimized single chain deployments (ERC-721 & ERC-721A) as well as optimized Omnichain versions of those same smart contracts.

We're adding more chains all the time but you can find the full list here.


The Verbwire API suite consists of 6 main categories:

  • Data
  • Storage
  • Minting
  • Deployment
  • Updates
  • User Operations

Developers can sign up for free today and start deploying to live networks. Each user is given a number of free API calls every month to utilize the platform. Explore, build, and deploy at your own pace. The premium tier introduces Ethereum smart contract functionality as well as a flexible pay-as-you-go framework after you've exceeded your free monthly allocations.

No Walled Gardens

Being developers, we are intimately aware of the constraints often levied upon API users by big companies ex post facto. We're building Verbwire to be the go-to platform that developers can trust in Web3. We want you to build with us, scale with us, grow with us, but maintain your flexibility and control. At the end of the day, these are your smart contracts. No walled gardens here.

Come build with us

Let us supercharge your project. We're here for you to seamlessly grow and scale. We understand the constraints of current Web3 tooling and remain committed to improving the ecosystem and shepherding new developers into the space.

This is only just the beginning. We're adding more and more features all the time so be sure to check back frequently.

Unleash your creativity. Deploy in seconds. Embrace the Omnichain.

You can find the main product page here:

Any questions or feedback can be sent to


The Universal NFT API.

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