Deploy a Smart Contract from the Verbwire Dashboard

Deploy a Smart Contract from the Verbwire Dashboard

At Verbwire, our mission is to make your development experience as seamless as possible. We have the most powerful API for building in Web3. That said, we realize that some operations are done on a less frequent basis and thus perhaps not optimal to be done via an API call. Plus who doesn't love a good GUI? With that in mind we're happy to announce that we've added the ability to deploy smart contracts directly from the dashboard! It's all done with just a few clicks!

We're starting with 6 different contract types within the ERC-721 umbrella with more to be added soon:

  • Simple ERC-721 Contract
  • Simple ERC-721A Contract
  • Simple ERC-721 Omnichain Contract
  • Simple ERC-721A Omnichain Contract
  • ERC-721 Collection Contract
  • ERC-721A Collection Contract

If you're just getting started and want to do basic minting without all of the bells and whistles, we recommend starting with either the Simple ERC-721 or Simple ERC-721A contracts. Those are single chain deployments without the full feature set of a collection contract and thus ideal for utility based projects.

Omnichain contracts allow for cross-blockchain interactivity (namely our cross-chain send functionality).

Future pipeline updates include supporting ERC-1155 as well as ERC-20 deployment types (among others).

Once you've selected your contract type, deploying is as simple as picking a name and symbol as well as selecting your blockchain of choice. Like our API, our dashboard deployment feature is live on 7 Mainnets along with 7 Testnets. It's also important to note that in order to reduce friction, you no longer need to specify a wallet address when deploying. If none is specified, your contract will default to a Verbwire wallet. You can move ownership to your own wallet later if so desired.

Once you click deploy, you'll see your newly deployed contract details after a few seconds. If you want to mint an NFT to this contract, just use the contract address from your deployment in the API when minting.

It's just that simple!

It's important to note that you can still deploy smart contracts directly from the API. This dashboard deployment functionality just makes the process more seamless. Hopefully for you as a developer just starting out on our platform this removes an early hurdle to building your next great idea.

We're just getting started in our product pipeline. Stay tuned for even more exciting product and feature updates. We won't stop until we have the most complete suite of tools available for every single developer.

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