Announcing the Verbwire Advocate Program

Announcing the Verbwire Advocate Program

We at Verbwire love crypto. First and foremost our goal is to bring millions more developers into the space. The best ideas will be built if we are able to bring the best and brightest to our industry. Growth of developers in the space has been astronomical but we're still in the infancy stage. To grow as a whole, we need to grow together. We're looking for champions to drive web3 forward. Champions to be the shining stars to show what this industry can accomplish. As we build our internal community at Verbwire we realized there is a benefit to sponsoring those types of champions globally. Hence, we're happy to announce the launch of the Verbwire Advocate Program.

View more information about the program here.

Verbwire Advocates:

  • Contribute to the body of web3 knowledge and open source projects
  • Are active members of our developer community
  • Promote both verbwire and web3 through multiple events
  • Create educational content (Videos, blog posts, comments, etc.) to be a resource for new entrants to the industry
  • Share knowledge and expertise at hackathons and developer events
  • Benefit through exclusive offerings only available through advocate program participants!

Requirements for entry:

  • Must love learning, building, and exploring Web3 technology
  • Must demonstrate some familiarity with the Verbwire product suite
  • Must be an active contributer in the Verbwire developer community
  • Must be passionate about empowering others and sharing knowledge

We have all sorts of fun benefits planned for those who are accepted into the program including:

  • Exclusive access to the core Verbwire team including the ability to make suggestions, drive our technology pipeline, and get a front row seat to our platform
  • Network with the best minds in the industry and other builders like you deploying cutting edge web3 projects
  • Receive monetary and intellectual support for your project builds
  • Receive sponsorship perks and event access
  • Receive exclusive airdrops with benefits
  • Free swag to show our appreciation for you participation
  • Early access to new product releases and beta features
  • Special mention at our community events
  • Develop your technical, writing, and speaking skills
  • Participate in mentorship opportunities at hackathons and events
  • Receive support and resources to launch your own events
  • Grow along with us in our quickly expanding community

If you are..

  • Passionate about building
  • Interested in unlocking innovative use cases in Web3
  • A problem solver at your core
  • Excited about being a key part of the Verbwire Web3 community

Then view more about the program here and apply to be a Verbwire Advocate!

Let's build! 👷‍♂️🚀


The Universal NFT API.

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